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Essential Dental Tips

Your mouth is the door to your body. It is also the door to your health that will ultimately decide your longevity. With this as a fact, your oral health should always be on top of your priorities. Maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth will help in good digestion which will result in better nutrient absorption in the colon for a thriving body. But with the kind of diet we have these days where sugary and processed foods are almost a staple, it is not only enough to stay away from these foods.

To have a regular dental regimen is also highly encourage. Here are some tips that you can include in your daily dental care.  

  • Floss it. Besides brushing your teeth, do not forget to floss. Those small pieces of food gets stuck in between your teeth and can cause damage and contribute to plaque build-up so do it every day.  
  • Do an oil pull. Do this first thing in the morning. Oil pulling is an ancient dental practice that people will swear by to see great results. It is simple and easy to incorporate in your dental regimen. Drink a bit of coconut oil but do not swallow it. Let it swirl around your mouth for a few good minutes. Coconut oil is known for its antibacterial properties which aids in removing harmful bacteria in the mouth. Do not forget to spit it out and gargle your mouth with clean water afterwards.   
  • Eat a clean diet. Ever heard of people with sweet tooth? While it is tempting to eat sweets almost every time, remember that too much sugar in the body do not only damage your tooth’s enamel, it can also cause gum diseases due to the weakened immune system. Try to opt for fruits if you are craving for sweets. 

Staying healthy starts in the mouth. Do these tips and see pearly whites shine brighter with each smile.   

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