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Bridges And Crowns

Crowns help to protect damaged teeth and also helps to strengthen the remainder of the tooth.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment removes any infected pulp in a tooth, it can cause the infection to spread.

Oral Hygiene

We offer appointments with our dental hygienists to help maintain the health of your mouth.

About Us

We believe that establishing good habits, at a young age, is ultimately preferable over having to treat the problems of a lifetime after they have occurred!

Our dentists do not want to give invasive treatments where there is no need and will always advise of the easiest and most practical course of treatment.

As well as a wide general practice, we also offer a full range of cosmetic treatments.

Whoever you are, from a baby getting your first milk tooth or a senior wanting a new pair of dentures, we will be happy to treat you as who you are – an individual.