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Bridges And Crowns

Crowns help to protect damaged teeth and also helps to strengthen the remainder of the tooth.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment removes any infected pulp in a tooth, it can cause the infection to spread.

Oral Hygiene

We offer appointments with our dental hygienists to help maintain the health of your mouth.

About Us

We believe that establishing good habits, at a young age, is ultimately preferable over having to treat the problems of a lifetime after they have occurred!

Our dentists do not want to give invasive treatments where there is no need and will always advise of the easiest and most practical course of treatment.

As well as a wide general practice, we also offer a full range of cosmetic treatments.

Whoever you are, from a baby getting your first milk tooth or a senior wanting a new pair of dentures, we will be happy to treat you as who you are – an individual.

  • Reasons Why You Should Get Your Wisdom Tooth Removed

    Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to come out, usually when the person has already passed puberty; hence he is already “wise”. When wisdom tooth is just coming out, it is usually accompanied with pain because it pushes its way out on in an already crowded space. If the wisdom tooth is not removed early on, it can cause serious complications later. This is the main reason why most dentists in Acevedo Dental Group recommend removing it at early age, while its roots are not yet well-developed.

    Removing wisdom tooth is just a preventive measure. It doesn’t mean that because it doesn’t hurt today, it will never cause you pain in the future. Since it grows in between teeth or below them, wisdom tooth can be stuck or impacted. It means it cannot penetrate through the jaw, and it will push other teeth for it to grow. This can damage other good teeth beside it.

    Because of the reasons mentioned above, some dentists would take out wisdom tooth to prevent further complications. It is better to extract the tooth while the patient is still young and the bones are still soft and the tooth is easier to remove. Surgical operation is easy to perform in young patients. If the patient waited longer for the wisdom tooth to settle hard, problems during the surgery will most likely happen such as excessive bleeding and fractured teeth. He can also experience numbness and loss of movement in the jaw. These troubles could last for few days or weeks, depending on the severity of the problem and the patient’s overall health.

    There are also cases when the wisdom tooth needs to be taken out not for prevention but because it is already causing problems. When the x-ray shows that the wisdom tooth is growing beneath other teeth, it needs to be taken out. If not treated, it can push the surrounding teeth, causing pain and problem biting. It can also damage the jaw. When the jaw is being pushed against its will, it can form a cyst. If not treated right away, it can create a hollow your jaw and damage healthy nerves. When the wisdom tooth develops in an already crowded space, it can affect the teeth alignments making your teeth look unappealing that you might need to pay for retainers or bracers to re-align them.

    If you don’t know whether you need to have your wisdom tooth taken out, you have to visit your dentist. Typically, it would require you a few months to make a decision – but if you are already experiencing pain or bad odor at the back of your teeth, you definitely have to visit the dentist earlier.